The 10 Best 4×4 Accessories You Can’t Live Without

It’s true that you can have a perfectly good 4x4 escape with just a basic set-up – just your car, a tent and bush is all you need really! But once you start going regularly, it starts to become apparent rather quickly that there are a few accessories that can make your camping/off-road experience a hell of lot more enjoyable and comfortable! Here’s our list of the top 10 best 4x4 accessories that will change your life.

1. A Fully Stocked 12v Fridge

There’s absolutely no excuse for a warm beer while camping and while ice is great for a night (or two if there’s a servo nearby), at some point you’ll want to stay a week or two and that that point you’ll need to upgrade to 12v fridge.

2. Bull Bar

The bull bar is the first step towards upgrading your vehicle to a fully-fledged 4x4 monster. While giving you added frontal protection from stray bushes and kamikaze wildlife, it also paves the way for other accessories like winches, aerials and driving lights.

3. Beefy Tyres

Spending a little bit of money on a good set of tyres off-road tyres is great investment and will allow your vehicle to perform in tough conditions for tens of thousands of kilometres. Also, they look badass.

4. Drawers

Going bush for weeks at a time can lead to a real messy interior – the best way to sort your bits from your bobs is to invest in a solid set of rear-drawers. They’ll save you hours in searching for random bits and pieces and help you get organised – no more lost torches or compressor hoses!

5. Roof Racks

Roof racks allow you to pack those bigger, bulkier things out of the way and free up valuable space in the rig. Putting too much heavy stuff up on top will compromise your centre of gravity too much though, so be smart about where you pack things.

6. Air Compressor

These little babies give you the confidence to go on beaches and tackle some of the tougher terrain Australia has to offer. They’re super simple to use and also super affordable these days – a definite must have.

7. Driving Lights

A must have tool for spotting rogue roos, wildlife and other potential dangers. It also reduces eye-strain and combats driving fatigue.

8. A Shovel

The humble shovel might just be the most useful tool on this list – it can debog the 4x4, dig a makeshift toilet, dig out a fire pit or help spread coals around the camp oven. Trust us – bring one next time you’re out and wonder how you ever lived without it.

9. A Smartphone

These things are pretty much considered new limbs these days but are great for so many off roading purposes – photos, GPS, fuel calculations, Googling the best fishing spots – they basically do it all. And for those of you that want to really disconnect from the outside world, simply keep your phone on airplane mode and you can still use some of its best features while living semi-off the grid.

10. A Solar Charger

Solar chargers are extremely useful for – it gets tiresome always plugging your phone into your car’s 12v socket and wasting fuel while it juices up… that’s time and fuel that could be spent off-roading! Even larger solar panels and battery combos are great for powering fridges, compressors and anything else needed for long stints in the bush.

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