ZD30 Patrol Pipework DYNO Results

Zd30CRD patrol research and development on Corey jackwitz custom intake pipework.

We have a 2009 patrol coil cab ute with a zd30crd motor that Dave drives, engine during testing is stock besides Tillix and 3inch redback exhaust.
We kept the Tillix settings un touched through out the test until we re tuned it at the end.
All parameters were monitored and replicated on each run to ensure accurate results.
Dyno runs were performed several times for each test with the average being displayed on the graphs below.
To start with we ran the car up on the dyno multiple times to get an average baseline, we then fitted Corey’s custom intake pipe from air box to turbo, custom air box lid pipe and custom turbo 90 degree bend then ran the car up on the dyno again with tillix settings un touched.

The results on the dyno alone were unreal and the difference in drivability on road is even better.

The gains we noticed were mainly between 1200rpm and 2000rpm with torque gains of 100nm and power gains of 20kw in the lower rev range and with boost coming on much earlier and smoother.
Drivability on road was significantly improved making the little 3L turbo diesel come to life!

For anyone wanting to take our patrol for a test drive or looking to get a tune to suit these modifications just get in contact using the form below.
Anyone wanting to purchase Corey Jackwitz pipework can contact him directly on 0488 131 030.

Below are the results from our testing on the dyno.
CH1= Air Fuel Ratio
CH2= Boost

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