Central Coast Mechanic

East Coast Performance Tuning provide expert car mechanic services on the Central Coast. Our workshop is located within Tuggerah, near the Westfield Shopping Center and we service the entire Central Coast area.

We Have A Combined Experience Of Over 20 Years

Why choose ECPT car mechanics?

East Coast Performance Tuning are conveniently located  within Tuggerah, five minutes from the Westfield Shopping Center. We specialise in car servicing, repairs, diagnostics and performance upgrades for all vehicle types and makes. ECPT provide fully qualified log book servicing and expert car repairs on all vehicles, with a speciality in 4x4 and diesel vehicles.

  • Fully Qualified Logbook Servicing
  • Car, Bike & 4x4 Repairs
  • Performance Upgrades
  • ECU Remapping & Dyno Tuning
  • We use the best brands in the business!

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Please note: we only have a 2WD dyno at present.


Service Hourly Labour Rate
Diagnostics and Repair From $150/hr


OBD Code Scan



Pink Slips Price
Car $40


Trailer without brakes


Trailer with brakes


Free pink slip with premium services.


Wynns Products Retail Price List Dec 2017 Price
Diesel Emission Kit $32 flush & Injector
Petrol Emission Kit

$32 flush & Injector

Friction Proofing


Diesel Filter Recharge Kit


Engine Flush


Diesel filter Recharge


DPF Cleaner


Radiator Sealer



Gulf Western Oil’s Price List August 2018 Price
Top Dog Indestructable 15w-40 $9/L diesel
Sinex 5000 10W-40 Per Litre

$9/L petrol

Semi Syn 10w/30 Per Litre

$7/L petrol & diesel

Full Syn 5W/30 Per Litre

$8.50/L petrol & diesel

75/85 Sun Gear Oil

$12.50 per litre

80W90 Gear Oil

$11 per litre

Green Coolant

$9 per litre

ATF Dextron 111 $11 per litre
Brake Fluid 500ml