Custom Dyno Tuning

East Coast Performance Tuning provide expert custom dyno tuning for all types of vehicles, petrol & diesel.

We Have A Combined Experience Of Over 20 Years

How can ECPT help tune my vehicle?

Dyno tuning on cars, bikes, 4x4’s and light trucks is available on our in house state of the art Dyno Dynamics Chassis Dynamometer as well as hourly rate dyno hire if you would like to tune your own vehicle.

  • Car dyno tuning.
  • Bike dyno tuning
  • Light truck dyno tuning
  • Dyno Dynamics Chassis Dynamometer
  • Hourly rate dyno hire

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Please note: we only have a 2WD dyno at present.



Service Price
Economy, Touring and Towing Tunes From $800
Custom Power Tunes (tunes for Hi-flow injectors, turbos, etc)

From $1000

Motorbike Custom Dyno Tuning

Mail order $250 plus postage

Mechanical Pump Tuning Boost Comp: $500
Non-boost Comp: $300
Mail-in All car/4x4 mail orders are $750 plus postage.
Hourly Dyno Rate $150/hour