On-car Induction & Fuel System Cleaning

East Coast Performance Tuning provide expert on-car induction and fuel systme cleaning.

We Have A Combined Experience Of Over 20 Years

How can induction cleaning help improve my vehicle?

On car induction and fuel system cleaning is beneficial for not only diesels engines but petrol engines as well. We use a special injection system to inject diesel and petrol specific chemicals into your intake manifold to give your engine the ultimate clean. As the system runs through the motor it cleans all the vital components that can be contaminated from normal everyday use to unleash a new life on your motor, restore lost performance and help restore fuel economy.
  • Diesel & petrol systems.
  • The ultimate clean.
  • Restore lost performance & fuel economy.
  • Unleash a new life on your motor!

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Please note: we only have a 2WD dyno at present.