Services Performed:

  • Custom In House ECU Remap
  • Dyno Tested
  • Tillix Boost Control Kit
  • Supply + Fit HPD Intercooler Kit
  • Supply + Fit Redback Exhaust
  • Supply + Fit Boost and EGT Gauges
  • Supply + Fit Provent 200 Catch Can kit

Johno is a regular customer of hours which brought us his first zd30 patrol last year to help prepare it for a cape trip, unfortunately just weeks before the big trip his pride and joy was taken out by a P plater that ran a red light.
Johno managed to salvage a bunch of gear off the old wagom before it was auctioned off, then scored a very tidy 02 model patrol wagon to start the build fresh with.

We fitted a redback performance exhaust system, provent 200 catch can kit, HPD intercooler kit, boost and EGT gauges in a pillar pod, and performance a custom in house ecu recalibration and tillix boost control kit.

The zd30di patrol motor now pulls along nicely while johno can keep an eye on things with the gauges we fitted.


kW Increase at 2000RPM


NM Increase at 2000RPM

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