Performance Results: 2003 ZD30DI Nissan Patrol Manual

Services Performed:

  • Custom Dyno Tune
  • Repairs

Paul had his 2003 Nissan Patrol towed to our workshop after some routine maintenance had ended tragically when a glow plug tip fell into the engine.

Prepared for the worst, Paul gave us the go ahead to remove the head to extract the broken glow plug. In one last attempt before unbolting the head, Timmy from MP Automotive stuck a magnet down the injector hole and managed to some how latch onto the inch and a half long piece of glow plug tip and maneuver it out!

Paul decided that while in the shop, he would get the ECPT crew to work their magic on it. With the lowest figures we have seen on the zd30 motor we managed to tune it up to achieve some nice gains in both performance and drivability.

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