Performance Results: 2008 Holden Rodeo 4JJ1 Common Rail Diesel

Services Performed:

  • Custom Dyno Tune
  • ECU Remapping
  • Fueling Issue Diagnosis

Josh’s Holden Rodeo is an absolute work-horse – used for towing around his business’ giant 2.5T excavator. After being fed up with the factory performance of his 3L Common Rail Turbo Diesel he decided to bring it to ECPT and get our opinion. After only a few hours on the dyno we were not only able to get some great gains in performance, but we were also able to diagnose a fuelling issue caused by a non-genuine fuel filter.

Power Increase:

  • Stock: 86.7KW 298NM
  • Tuned: 112KW 372NM


kW Increase


Torque Gain

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